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Multi Point Window and
Sidelight Hardware
This single point side light lock, #9232 consists of a deadbolt
mortise mechanism having a 25mm (1”) backset and a thumb
turn to operate the bolt.
The stainless steel “System 4500” has a 25mm (1”) backset
with 1-3/4" overall depth.  This 3 point locking mechanism is
perfect for narrow stile entrance doors, side lights or tall
casement windows.  The locking points consist of top &
bottom shoot bolts and a center latch at a 35" fixed handle
height.  The latch engages automatically when the side light
is closed.  Lifting the lever engages the top & bottom shoot
locking bolts.  A thumb turn cylinder locks these 3 points into
place.  To unlock, rotate back the thumb turn cylinder and
push the lever down and all locking points will disengage.  
The lever on this unit always returns back to the horizontal
#9232 Sidelight Lock
#9232 Sidelight Lock
Multi Point System #4500
3 Point Lock Mechanism Gear
1" Backset Three Point Door or
Window Lock Mechanism Gear
(1-9/16”) backset with multi point locking capability.  Available
with top & bottom
shoot bolts only, roller cams only, or both
shoot bolts and roller cams.  A ¼ rotation engages &
disengages the locking points.
#6800 Series
Multi Point Window Lock Mechanism Gear
The steel, Multi Point Roller Cam Mechanism Gear F68251938 has a 1" backset
with 1-3/4" overall depth.  3 roller cams are positioned at 4-13/16", 43-3/8" and
72-1/16" from the bottom.  An extension with an additional roller cam is available
to accommodate 8' windows & doors.  
Use with FPL window handles.  
Preventative rust corrosion treatment is standard.  The F68251938 Multi Roller
Cam Lock Mechanism Gear has a 35-7/16" fixed handle height and a 76-3/8" fixed
overall height.
Multi Point Roller Cam Lock
Mechanism Gear #F68251938
3 & 4 Multi Point Roller Cam Lock
Mechanism Gear
Espagnolette Lock
Espagnolette Lock