We are proud to offer the most unique
pocket door hardware of its kind!  
mortise box mechanism on our
privacy and keyed locks is 100%
STAINLESS STEEL! Built to last forever!

Our pocket door hardware is offered in
either a privacy function (with an
emergency release) or passage
function.  The privacy comes with a
heavy duty, retractable hook mortise
mechanism with a 50mm (2”) backset.  
A recessed thumb turn operates the
mechanism hook into the jamb.   The
thumb turn and the emergency release
are mounted on to high quality flush
pulls.  The passage pocket sets consist
of high quality flush pulls without a

In addition, the
“Manor” series is
available with a double keyed cylinder
that will fit a 1-3/4” to a 2-1/4” thick
door without projecting from the face
of the door stile.  Combined with the
above mentioned retractable hook
mortise mechanism, it makes this
superior pocket lock suitable even for
entry functions

All sets include our #317 finger edge
pull (shown at left) to pull the door out
of the pocket.
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2000 Pocket Lock
#2000 shown with thumb turn.  Click to enlarge image
Manor with thumb turn shown on left; On right, Manor dummy.  Each sold seperately.  Click to enlarge image
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Manor Pocket Lock
#317 edge pull in Pollished Chrome.  Click to view larger